Juggling Animation Assignment


The first go at the 3 ball juggling animation. Took a bit of tweaking with the frames(54 Frames for the ball cycle, 18 Frames for the hands) to get the cycles to align properly but I feel this has a good flow to it. There could be some exaggeration the upwards throw of the ball, to ass some more variation to the speed for the arm but it still manages to works as it is even if a little constant.

photo (5)

Here are my research diagrams from my observation of hand and arm movement in jugging.

The video I used as reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCt1bmSASCI

Sidenote: If I have the time I would like to try and do another, finer version of this animation, focusing on shape with larger, more detailed hands to show the motion and movement off a bit better.

Juggling Animation Assignment

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