Owl Spirit – Blender Bust 2/12/14

So having realised what i’m going through right now is a burn out on the environment based concept art i’ve decided to wind it down a bit this week and do some other, more varied, art things to get myself back on form for concept production over christmas.


Today I decided to do a rough bust of the most recent iteration of the owl spirit in Blender to see how it would look and also to practice my basic texturing and rigging. Not many changed to the design except for experimenting with the idea of the mask splitting into a mouth like jaw that could help with expressions.


Along with the model I also made this reference sheet of the front and side view.

Time Taken: 1 hour for reference sheet, 2 – 3 hour for the model/textures/rigging

Owl Spirit – Blender Bust 2/12/14

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