Mountain Level – Look and Feel Concept Drawing

MountianArea WIP1As part of trying to get the art concept creation streamlined, and closer to actual asset production, the artist in our group are now in the process of making a overall concept drawing for the look and feel of each area in the game. Once we have them all done we will pick the elements we like best and use these images as guides as we try implementing the art style over some of the rough level designs we have.

Once we are sure the style works we will then make a list of assets that will need to be produced, based on these drawings and designer input, and then start making some example assets.

For each area of the game I have written a description in my art documentation, which will be posted soon, on the intend feel and style of each place. Below is a snippet to explain the mountain area:

Finally the mountain, devoid of most vegetation, the lack of dead plants will paradoxically make the area seem more alive, thus fitting with the narrative ending of our game. A mixture of jagged blue rocks and cliff faces, combined with and soft pale snow will provide a pleasant cool feel to the area, matching the bittersweet conclusion of our game and contrasting with the dead, flat feel of other areas.”

Developing from this I have also included some green to blue props and structures, such as stairs, lanterns and small shrines, that will allow for more options in the levels design look and to simply make the landscape less barren.

Time Taken: Approximately 4 Hours

Mountain Level – Look and Feel Concept Drawing

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