Diving Animation Assignment – 22/11/14

The diving character animation assignment was to first, design a simple character, reference sheet and all, and then do a animation of them  1. Jumping onto a diving board, 2. Bounce them from the board and 3. The splash as they enter the water. Along with those 3 things we also had to have the diving board fluctuate after the character jumped off it.

The reference sheet for this character can be seen here: https://runninginthehamsterwheel.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/diving-animation-assignment-character-reference-sheet/

The WIPs for this animation can be seen here:  https://runninginthehamsterwheel.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/diving-animation-assignment-process-attempts-1-and-2/

Some changes made since the earlier stages shown in the link above was I felt there wasn’t enough downward force to justify how far up the character flew so I made him go down further before bouncing back up, I also felt too much horizontal momentum was lost so I also made him go further right during his time in the air too.

One of the things I found most difficult while animating this were the arms when they went over the body so that is something I may want to work on.

Diving Animation Assignment – 22/11/14

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