Tree Checkpoints


In our game we have planned to have checkpoints at the end of each level that are 1. Tree like in structure and 2. When the reached by the player will burst into life and restore the world around them.

So I was asked to go off and try to figure out how exactly each of these trees would look in their different areas; The Mountains, Temple, Town, Forest and finally the Hill at the beginning of the game.

After doing some research to see if I could find anything that could fit with our Shinto or Balance theme I collected some reference images in a moodboard, and got to work. The unifying thing about each structure is that they have, a central stem, expand at the top, and all have some kind of lighting or movement that can show the change, pre and post bursting into life.

All in all a very fun and interesting task that has really set of my environmental drawing bone I didn’t know I had, looking forward to expanding upon the landscapes I have indicated in these drawings later in the project if I can(or frankly just drawing more landscapes).

Tree Checkpoints

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