Spirit Concepts 001 – Ethereal


So my first task in this group was looking at the spirit designs. To start this I looked into different modern interpretations of spirits, I specially looked at examples such as Studio ghibli ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’ seeing that the spirits of our game were largely to be Shinto inspired, I also looked at some traditional Shinto and Buddhism artwork and at some western ideas on spirits for variation.

I wasn’t given a clear idea of the intention of the spirits, other than they were the only other characters in the game so I decided I should go for a range of designs.

These first ones were designed to be ghostly in appearance, while most examples I have seen of Shinto mythical creatures considerer them as other physical beings in the world like humans I thought it would be good to start with the more ethereal kind first. While simple in form i’ve added patterns and the mask to give them a feel of intelligence and history, rather than leaving them blank that would have given them a innocent and new look. They are meant to be creatures inhabiting a long dead world, they should look like the’ve been around a while.

Spirit Concepts 001 – Ethereal

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